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2021 – 2022

Generalist Programmer Internship, Akribian, Lund

Gameplay programming, Tooling, VFX and Shader programming.

2019 – 2022

Game Programmer, The Game Assembly, Malmö

Diploma in Higher Vocational Education in Game Programming. 

2015 – 2018

High school diploma in Natural Science, Biology and Physics Specialisation S:t Petri Malmö

About me

My name is Lukas! I am a programmer from Sweden with a passion for games. I love being creative and when Visual Studio is off I spend my time drawing, playing Nintendo games or reviewing Kanji in Anki. 

I realised that I wanted to build games for a living when I was little and tried to make my own rom hack for Pokémon Fire Red. A few crappy websites later, an introduction course to Java and 2.5 years studying Game Programming at The Game Assembly in Malmö my dream finally became a reality! Read more ›


Akribian and Count on Me!

During my internship I worked at a local game company in Lund that are turning children into math stars using game embedded teaching! 

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Here are some projects I have tackled on my own

Eggine UI Builder

Making menus using only code is slow and our artists got tired of asking for small changes, so I decided to build them a tool to make the UI of their dreams! 

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Eggine Meta Inspector

Our shader and material pipeline was very limited and a black box for all non-programmers. I decided to change that and give the power back to the creatives!

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VR Bird Game

I used the XR toolkit in Unity to build a VR game about flying. In this article I talk about my process and what I learned.

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DirectX 11













Building cool projects requires cool tools and libraries. Here’s some of the software I have used to make my dreams come to life. 

// TODO: Make time to learn blender!

Projects I built with other talented people


After starting our 3D graphics course we jumped straight into building our own DirectX 11 engine using flecs.

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In this game we built a component based Shoot ‘Em Up in our own engine.

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For this project we experimented with a horror game platformer.

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Lucky 13

This was my first experience making games for mobile in Unity.

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Rad Game

At TGA I made my first ever collaborative game in Unity. A lot of firsts in this one!

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I have some exciting projects currently in the works

I’m currently building an engine in my spare time using SLD 2 and CMake. I’ll make a post about this someday!

I am also drawing stickers to one day sell in some online sticker shop, or give to friends for fun.

Questions and Feedback

If you have any questions or feedback you are always welcome to contact me at